To foodtruck or not to foodtruck?

Jen starts a new adventure, looking for blackboard to promote her wares.

Ping pong, a trigger is set and I’m back on Gumtree, looking for Food trucks.

And then I find it. Well, I find a few if I’m being completely honest, but that’s not really the point.

It’s not a food truck per se, but it’s about the next best thing.

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Lessons learnt so far

We’re almost four months into my urban homesteading experiment and while it’s gone pretty well, there have been a few hiccups along the way. Hopefully this will come in handy for anyone thinking about starting their own gardening experiment.

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An Introduction

Ok, so lets kick this off with a brief introduction. I’m a 34 years young dude, based in the awesome city of Cape Town.

I live with my girlfriend (Shelly), my lil sis (Genevieve) and her two awesome kids (Kaytie & Jayden).

Oh and pops (Michael) recently moved into the cottage at the bottom of the garden!

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